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Siamese Fighting Fish
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     The Siamese fighting fish , also sometimes colloquially known as the betta splendens, is a species in the gourami family which is popular as an aquarium fish. but some people in southeast asia use this fish for fighting (i mean like you battle another betta's fish) indonesiaan people doing this to you can find this in the village. indonesian people called this ikan cupang. this fish is native to the mekong lake (laos, cambodia, vietnam, and thailand). this fish can grows to the length of abouth 6,5 cm. the b. splendens are widely known for their brilliant colours and large, flowing fins, the natural coloration of B. splendens are generally dull green, brown and grey, and the fins of wild specimens are shorter than the other. the male fish has long fin not like the female, it has a short fin .
Image result for cupang betina
Image result for cupang betina

(the left is female and the right is male)

Minggu, 14 Januari 2018

My Last Holiday

mostly I spent my holiday in Bandung. I just touring to lembang,Subang,Tangkuban Perahu etc. a day before touring my friends said to me "bro do you want to sunmori?" I said "Yeeh that's cool." if you don't know what is SUNMORI is......... i will explain it. so basically sunmori is sunday morning ride. we (rider) ride a motorcycle in the sunday morning. so we called it sunmori. because it's a morning ride so we have to meet at 6 am because we just plan go to lembang at 7 and before we go we have to meet in the circle k at jalan aceh. ok, i just been there at 6.15, i think i'm late, but when i arrive........ i don't see my friends. so i think they just late. i wait until 7. so I contact (line) all my friend. they said "ok riq I'm on my way to CK." i just like "-_-!!!" i wait there about 1 hour until my friends came. so all my friends been there at 8. after that we go to subang. because in that area is the heaven of bandung rider. because the corner is many and it's made us really really happy doing cornering.

Minggu, 10 Desember 2017

my bad experience 

The story happened last year when i went to my cousins in Garut. I went to my cousins just for a vacation. I went alone from Cimahi used motorcycle and met my friend down the street. So i invited him to go with me. On the way to Garut, there is no accident. Me and my friend arrived safely to Garut. In Garut, we play together until we forget the time, so we decided to stay overnight. The next day me and my friend go back to our home. In Garut there is no accident. But when we arrived in Bandung, our motorcycle has crashed to other motorcycle causing serious injury. And my friend was fainted, because his head hit the sidewalk. I only suffered injuries to the hands. Me and my friend was immediately taken to the nearest hospital. I was very panicked. And our parents came with the same time to the hospital. Our parents is panicked too.I was treated for 2 days in the hospital, while my friend 4 days.

Festival Gathapraya

This festival is about literary and cultural art. This festival was held on 30th of September 2017. This festival was located in Bali street Bandung, more preciesly in Bali field. But this festival start in Saparua park Bandung. From Saparua park we do a parade, the goal is to be crowded by local residents. There is a couple from a class to be a model in fashion show. 3 couple was riding a horse, and the other couple walk behind them. From Saparua we turn right to Aceh street, and then straight till we meet intersection, we turn left to Kalimantan street, and then turn right to Belitung street, then turn left to Sumatera street, turn left again to Jawa street and the last, turn left to Bali street. And finally we arrive at Bali field.

First activity in this festival is opening with reading an Al-Qur'an. Then this festival is opened by the governor of western java, that is Ahmad Heryawan. This festival is closing the gate at 4pm. The visitors is come from another school, even another city. This festival invite some famous group band. There is Elephant kind, Hivi, and the last is Nidji. This festival is over at 11pm.

So that is from me, thank you 

Jumat, 08 Desember 2017


Ariq: ''helo"
Januar; "  hey!"
Ariq: ''how your day bro?"
Januar; "i'm doing good man."
Ariq: ''what will you do this holiday ,bro?"
Januar; "i want to touring with goldy and also my friends."
Ariq: ''who is goldy?"
Januar; "goldy is my vespa."
Ariq: ''what vespa is that the new one or the old one?"
Januar: ''the old one"
Ariq: "what year is that?"
Januar: "1973."
Ariq: ''is that hard to riding vespa?"
Januar: '' not really , but if can control it its not hard.''
Ariq: "ok i will learn that."
Januar: ''what about you ariq?"
Ariq: "i don't know....."
Januar: "what you mean?"
Ariq: "i don"t have plan for this holiday."
Januar: "why you not just going with me? you have a vespa right?"
Ariq:  "but it's matic."
Januar: "its ok some of my friends rode a matic."
Ariq:  "is that ok if i join you?''
Januar: "it's ok"
Ariq:"ok....... i will join you."
Januar: "i will call to make sure what time that we will meeting ok."
Ariq: "ok."
Januar: "see you."
Ariq: "see you."

Senin, 07 Agustus 2017

Ariq : "Hi! Nice to meet you. what's your name?"
Danesh : "My name is Danesh, what's your name?"
Ariq : "My name is Ariq. How are you?"
Danesh : "i'm not really good."
Ariq : "why?
"Danesh : "I got bad score at math test."
Ariq : "Why did you get bad score at math test?"
Danesh : "I didn't study last night."
Ariq : "Why didn't you study?"
Danesh : "Because I fell asleep and didn't study anything."
Ariq : "Oh that's to bad."
Danesh : "How's your day?"
Ariq : "i'm good." 
Danesh : "By the way, where do you live?"
Ariq : "I live at jl. Sharon Garden no.6."
Danesh : "Where is sharon garden? i don't know that area."
Ariq : "Sharon Garden is near to margahayu raya. where do you live?" 
Danesh : "I live at jl. Kapten Kartanegara Husein Sastranegara complex no G-6."
Ariq : " How old are you."
Danesh : "i'm 15 years old. how old are you?"
Ariq : "Same, i'm 15."
Danesh : "When were you born?"
Ariq : "i was born on 1st November 2001."
Danesh : "do you have siblings?"
Ariq : "yes, I have 1 big brother and 1 little sister. what about you?"
Danesh : "I have 2 little sister."
Ariq : "so you are the only boy in your family?''
Danesh : "yes, i'm the only one."
Ariq : "That's bad bro."
Danesh : "That's ok.'' 
Ariq : "oke I'll catch you later."
Danesh : "bye.'' 

Senin, 31 Juli 2017

Hello. My name is Ariq Rafi Adnanto. I was born in Bandung on 1st November 2001. My hobby is making a beat or musician said "Beatmaker". I really love everything about producer music. my favorite producer is Kanye West because he made a music from his heart. I knew him from a video when he was made a music for jay-z. My favorite music genre is hip-hop that's why I like Kanye but my favorite rapper is 2 crucial. 

I'm single..............................................

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