Senin, 07 Agustus 2017

Ariq : "Hi! Nice to meet you. what's your name?"
Danesh : "My name is Danesh, what's your name?"
Ariq : "My name is Ariq. How are you?"
Danesh : "i'm not really good."
Ariq : "why?
"Danesh : "I got bad score at math test."
Ariq : "Why did you get bad score at math test?"
Danesh : "I didn't study last night."
Ariq : "Why didn't you study?"
Danesh : "Because I fell asleep and didn't study anything."
Ariq : "Oh that's to bad."
Danesh : "How's your day?"
Ariq : "i'm good." 
Danesh : "By the way, where do you live?"
Ariq : "I live at jl. Sharon Garden no.6."
Danesh : "Where is sharon garden? i don't know that area."
Ariq : "Sharon Garden is near to margahayu raya. where do you live?" 
Danesh : "I live at jl. Kapten Kartanegara Husein Sastranegara complex no G-6."
Ariq : " How old are you."
Danesh : "i'm 15 years old. how old are you?"
Ariq : "Same, i'm 15."
Danesh : "When were you born?"
Ariq : "i was born on 1st November 2001."
Danesh : "do you have siblings?"
Ariq : "yes, I have 1 big brother and 1 little sister. what about you?"
Danesh : "I have 2 little sister."
Ariq : "so you are the only boy in your family?''
Danesh : "yes, i'm the only one."
Ariq : "That's bad bro."
Danesh : "That's ok.'' 
Ariq : "oke I'll catch you later."
Danesh : "bye.'' 

Senin, 31 Juli 2017

Hello. My name is Ariq Rafi Adnanto. I was born in Bandung on 1st November 2001. My hobby is making a beat or musician said "Beatmaker". I really love everything about producer music. my favorite producer is Kanye West because he made a music from his heart. I knew him from a video when he was made a music for jay-z. My favorite music genre is hip-hop that's why I like Kanye but my favorite rapper is 2 crucial. 

I'm single..............................................

, hayam jago